Tips On Double Hung Window Repair

If you have started to build your own home, you probably want to make it from high quality materials only for it to serve you many years. Durability of such materials depends on their price greatly; nevertheless, people are not saving money on their future homes.

Your house will certainly need good windows. There are different kinds of these items, but double hung windows are probably some of the best choices nowadays. Such windows are known for their quality that is highly appreciated by more and more people each year. It is a well known fact that a home structure, just like a human being, tends to fade and get old. The same can be said about home's windows which also need to be repaired and repainted from time to time. These procedures will make them look presentable and new again.

Sometimes double hung window repair may be required. This project is often treated as too complicated, thus, most of contemporary homeowners are scared to start it on their own. In reality, this sort of work doesn't require hiring any professional. It can be done with your own hands or with the help of your family members.

Let's have a closer look at this project. Further you're given a few tips on double hung window repair. So, the first thing for you to do is to take the interior stops out of the window frame. Then it's necessary to remove them from the jamb with the help of a flat pry bar or a knife. If you use these tools you'll face no or little damage of the stops. Further, the old sash cord should be cut from its bottom sash. Consequently, the window frame and cord will be able to move in the outward direction. Then if you need to remove the cord of the upper sash, you'll have to detach one of the parting strips of the outer and inner sash.

As a rule, replacement of a storm window involves the door on the inside part of its jamb that assists to pull the weights out easily. In this portion the interior or exterior trim won't have to be removed. But you will need to get a screw driver and with its help to open the access panel. Then you'll need to raise the weight out from the wall. Next, you'll have to carefully inspect whether the cord is attached to the pulleys. To replace the old cord, you're recommended to use a one-fourth thick rope that is known for greater durability in comparison with other materials. So, put the rope over every top of pulley and have its end fastened to the weights. Then place them back into the wall.

Next, the process of the double hung window repair requires changing its top sash. It's also important to nail its parting strip. Remember to change the old bottom sash and ensure that the sliding window works in a proper way. The last thing you'll need to do is to change the access panel.

Finally, doing the double hung window repair, pay attention to the quality of the job you're doing as well as the look of the window after this do-it-yourself project. If you're not satisfied with the result or think that something was done incorrectly invite a professional into your house.