Flying The Kite Is Fun!

Origin of The Kite

Kite was founded in China and its history is already 2000 years old. Once there lived Mo Di who created a bird from wood after which his student Lu Ban enhanced the technology and produced a kite from bamboo. The contemporary kites can be truly called the offsprings of the first Chinese kites which were also made of wood and cloth. The first paper kite was made during the rule of Han Dynasty when Cai Lun invented paper.

Kites in Various Countries

In the eighteenth century BC kite reached different countries of the world. And different cultures have created different kites. For instance, in Korea the greater number of the kites are fighting kites while Japanese make kites into cavaliers and American kites look more like parachutes because they have numerous strings and no framework. They need to be charged to fly up into the sky.

Chinese Traditional Kite

Chinese traditional kite was created from bamboo and silk having the shape of dragons, birds, tigers, and some other animals. Due to the sounders some kites can produce pleasant sounds in the sky.

Chinese traditional kites are decorated with many beautiful patterns including a phoenix, dragon, jumping carp and four seasons. Flowers, birds, figures, animals, and lucky words also belong to lucky patterns wishing all the people around happiness. All patterns are highly symbolic. For instance, a bat means good fortune, pines and crane mean good health and longevity and dragon, sunrun, phoenix, kylin and turtle mean good luck, read Sunrun.

Chinese Attractive Kites

There's a wide variety of kites made in China, including traditional kites, stunt kites, modern kites, advertising kites, PE kites, and pliable kites. Among them you'll find birds, butterflies, bees and monkeys. One can also meet Fuwa kite and Olympic flag kite. Choose the one for yourself and make your children happy!

Tips on Choosing a Kite Correctly!

1. Consider the person who is going to fly a kite.
If this person isn't young it's better to avoid too big kites or sports kites as much strength is required to fly and control those kites and it's possible to get hurt. Traditional kites are recommended for the beginners especially those having fiber glass reinforced plastics skeleton. Those kites are easy for usage, harmless and rather cheap.

2. Balance
Volume, weight and elasticity must be symmetrically balanced. Unfold the kite, keep it flat and fly it by its string. A good kite will easily keep balance.

3. Strings
Generally, kites have vertical double strings and their length should be two times bigger than that of the kite.

4. Material
The recommended material from which the kite should be made is white and translucent silk. However, some silk kites aren't smooth enough producing much noise if you shake them. Consider also the kites made of nylon, non-woven fabrics.

5. Skeleton
Traditional kites are made of bamboo but check up whether it's even and has burr.

So, choose the kite which you like most and enjoy flying it with your friends!