Firestone Roofing Systems

Firestone is taking the first place in the world in producing roofing and lining systems which mainly contain rubber. This is the company that is included into the Japan-based Bridgestone Corporation that is considered to be the greatest manufacturer of rubber and automobile tires in the whole world. This corporation was founded in the year of 1980 and in several years Firestone presented itself as one of the most honorable roofing companies all over the world. Since the very start this company has been the leading producer of the EPDM and TPO membranes which are designed to cover the roofs not only of industrial and commercial buildings, but also of people's houses.

The EPDM membrane is represented by only one layer, but despite this fact it's well-known for its impressive durability, little or almost no need to maintain as well as easy and comparatively fast installation. This type of membrane is suitable for both commercial and industrial structures, in the same way, for residential buildings which have slightly slopped or completely flat roofs. The EPDM membrane refers to a acceptable roofing system due to its non-toxic character. It means that this sort of membrane doesn't release any toxic substances in the course of its installation as well as production. It should be mentioned that the material from which this membrane is produced is 100% recyclable and even has the ISO 14001 certification.

It's useful to know that the Firestone roofing EPDM membrane is perfect for green roofing systems and for installing photovoltaic cells. You can find this type of membrane 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm thickness and up to 15.25 metres in width and 61 metres in length.

There is another type of membrane called Firestone Ultra Ply TPO. It's very similar to the EPDM membrane in two main characteristics: it's eco friendly and the TPM membrane has the ISO 14001 certification as well. This is a brand new Firestone roofing system that has become a very popular option among people owning either commercial or private buildings. And since the year of 1990 this roofing system was acknowledged to be long lasting, thus energy efficient and economical. Similar to the Firestone EPDM, the Ultra Ply TPO can be applied for both slightly slopped and completely flat roofs. It can be used with green roofing systems and takes part in installing photovoltaic cells. It may be up to 3.05 metres in width and 30.5 metres in length. In addition, the Ultra Ply TPO may have diverse thickness and be grey or white in colour.

Another reason for you to consider purchasing Firestone Building Products consists in the fact that a great number of contractors, architects, building owners, and specifiers prefer this type of product and highly appreciate it as a wonderful option of commercial roofing systems that has existed and enjoyed its popularity for almost thirty years already.

Nowadays, there're manufacturing facilities functioning throughout North America. They produce single-layer roofing membranes as well as those ones based on asphalt. You can also purchase polyiso insulation and a wide choice of roofing accessories. Be sure that the processes of research, development and manufacturing of products are being carefully followed in accordance to the highest quality control guidelines. The manufacturers feel responsible for providing their customers with the products of a Firestone Roofing System that would 100% meet the industrial standards. The environmental problems and interests are also being taken into account, so all of these products are environmentally friendly, so Shark Rocket Professional.

Apart from high quality roofing products, installation expertise and product maintenance are also being offered via the contractor services department as well as a network of roofing contractors all over the world. You can also use the service of field sales representatives and distributors.

Providing their clients with supreme quality, efficient commercial roofing systems and roofing accessories is the main responsibility of Firestone. What this organization offers includes everything from garden roofing systems to reflective membranes. Firestone provides its customers with the products which make it much easier to specify green.

TPO Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic roofing membranes with one layer belong to the fastest developing commercial roofing products. Due to this fact, they are enjoying nowadays great industry acceptance. But these products also offer a number of advantages in terms of performance and installation. There's a growing demand for energy efficient and heat-reflective roofing systems, so thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing membranes with one layer continue offering impressive resistance to ozone, ultraviolet, and chemical exposure.

As for the UltraPly TPO Roofing Systems, they are perfect for a great variety of commercial low slope roofing systems. Generally speaking, Firestone UltraPly TPO is an excellent roofing option for many types of buildings.

Specific design options of membranes are also provided by UltraPly TPO. These membranes are available in white, gray or tan that helps a building to stay warm. The hot-air flexible, welded membrane can be 8', 10' or 12' widths.