Eat Only High-Quality Blue Cheese!

Nowadays, blue cheese is one of the most popular and loved products. It's often used in preparing different dishes. If you also like blue cheese and use it in cooking, be aware that it's important to select only the best type of blue cheese in the market. Today, the mould in blue cheese is either injected or mixed ring in the curd in order to ensure that it's well distributed inside cheese. Blue cheese is mostly aged in the caves where it was made. The longer cheese ages the stronger the flavor and the smoother the texture it has.

Types of Blue Cheese

Well, blue cheese comes in several types most of which are whole cow milk cheese while others are made from goat milk. So, some of the types are:

- Stilton Cheese which is sometimes considered the king of the English cheese as it's made from sheep or cow's milk.

- Gorgonzola Cheese is a variation of the Italian cheeses made from Cow's milk.

- Cabrales Blue Cheese is probably one of the most popular blue cheeses nowadays and is made from a combination of goat, cow and sheep milk.

- Roquefort Blue Cheese is a beloved French cheese and is produced from cow's milk. It has a porous, soft and creamy texture and a spicy taste having green streaks instead of the blue ones.

- Benedictine Bleu is originally made in Canada and has been on the market for more than sixty years already.

Choose Blue Cheese Correctly!

Before purchasing blue cheese consider a few things:

Check up that the Blue cheese types were stored in the proper way. Any mistakes in the storage may result in the change of the texture, taste and freshness.

It's also important to make sure that the cheese is fresh, that is its life span since Blue cheese is a young type of cheese.

The package of cheese should be tight for air not to get in. besides, cheese must be stored in a refrigerator.

Purchase cheese only from a store that regularly checks its products to provide its consumers with fresh blue cheese that has intact aroma.

If it's possible buy blue cheese from stores or counters which dive an opportunity to taste the cheeses before buying them.

Be aware that Blue cheese must have a strong peppery taste, except the sage blue while Cambozola varieties are mild and creamy.

Don't but those Blue cheeses which have a sour and damp taste as they have already lost their flavor.

Make Blue Cheese Yourself!

It has become possible to make blue cheese on your own which is not difficult. It requires cold drained curds made from two gallons of milk. The information on the further preparing you may find in the internet in order to get excellent blue cheese.

So, having chosen an appropriate type of blue cheese, you may prepare different tasty blue cheese dishes with various flavors and nutrients. Be sure to store the blue cheese properly!